Saturday, January 23, 2010


the picture, 1st comes to our mind when we hear this word is a man dressed niceley and tie-pinned..! the most annoying creature.. knocks often,irritates ,sometimes make us fools..! am talking about the person who visits every house though not invited..! those ornamental smile on their faces..those not washed clothes with artificial wishes ..! this is prima facie construction of a person having a deep burning social,economical conditions which gets masked by his smile..if you observe properly hidden behind his smile is a ground reality of the situation.governments now in the name of making of SEZ's are actually turning the whole irrigated fertile land into virtual burial grounds..! land acquisition policies are against the farmers..these farmers or general people who were once living in the now acquired land are rendered land and homeless..! we criticize the occupation of west sponsored isrealis on palestines . but what are we doing in our so called republic democratic country is similar to occupation. families now being homeless face lot of issues ranging from social degradation to economic uncertainty .these once happy families come to urban centers looking for a livelihood where they face whole lot of problems of basic shelter and food.from these emerges the class of below poverty line. they opt out of education to sustain their families (ailing father and house working mother to unmarried sisters and a youth who still see the prosperous future). the youth now wants a job,needs money what he does? some becom anti-socials see its a fast growing career option in third world countries! some who cannot bare these attempts suicides.some who still wants to see the glittering future thrives and endures.first they faces the problem of language,clothing trends and not the least the hunger to their respite they see the "wanted salesman" pamphlet on the walls and nailed on to trees.they get the job...! the path to future starts from that day on..they go door to door with the with the same unchangeable practiced smile and same hope that the next door people may buy.hope filled with humble desire of bringing their families back on track ( taking bed ridden father to a hospital,marriages of the unmarried sisters) replenishes them with lot of confidence and to move on to yet another customer..this is happening in the country which poses double digit GDP growth..! why do we need this type of growth ...why its not all inclusive..why our leaders are so apathetic to our own people.. is this the way the country grows..? why still there exists a class/creed/caste structures when india is secular..? are we just the vote banks for somebody to enjoy red beacon light on their cars ? why cant we love other people just as our own family..?..............................


  1. Yeah... It's very true. There's lot of pain behind those smiling faces.

    But then, it's about striking the right balance. GDP growth is much necessary for the overall development and upliftment of the standard of living in a country. But as u said, in the name of 'Growth', one cant hit on our helpless farmers.

    nice post btw..


  2. Way to go bro..!!!! Keep inspiring people..!! i will try and push this forward..!!! And yeah, i was on the side of inspired people..!!!

  3. And also, i have a thought, that it was on a narrow side, that you wrote about farmers migrating to the bustling streets of metropolitans, for work. Its not just the present land grabbing situation that's pushing these people over. Not atleast in the rural interiors of any state. But lack of inspiration among the present day youth to get their hands dirty in the fields. I am not saying this just as any other teenybopper brat commenting on the society, but on a personal experience note. Its because i am one of those who is reluctant to get his hands dirty in the fields and i feel my wavelength with thinking along these lines matches with the people in contention here.

    Anyways there is one thing you can make, here, in your personal space and that is to make people think and in a way beneficial to the community around them. Coz for u to be happy, others around you should be happy.

    Good job man..!!! Go ahead and keep your mind ticking to make people's mind go ticking..!!!