Sunday, January 17, 2010

you eat die ...are the days closer .. with state sponspored human incinerators on the verge. imagine the days when we have to depend on some multi national companies for our daily food.imagine when we have to kill each other just for food.reckon when foreign genetic companies hold control of our agriculture on which our 75% people in the country depends on, in turn,controlling our economy(again we become slaves on our own land).days are no longer when these companies tell us what to have no choice but to beg for the seeds.our entire flora gets mutated.a child develops a tumor in the morning,because it is breast fed previous night.our blood becomes anemic.we will have to see sigmond frued just because we had a sweet corn and flashy vegetables from high raised glittering shopping mall in our cuisine.days are very close when we have to serve our children a plate of poison.when our entire fertile land turns sterile on which not even cactus grows..! this is future's reality.this is what we have for our future and whole mankind.these would be the result if our authorities gives permission to experiment with GM crops(genetically modified crops). MNC's are capitalizing on our developing country..(though not inclusive ! ) and greedy governments and frivolous politicians.again we are on the cliff of getting imperialised. 200 years long fight for freedom is again being snatched from us..our farmers will no choice but to die...! these GM crops are rejected in western countries foreseeing its annihilation of not only mankind but entire lithosphere.once we sow these seeds there is no going back its suicidal.original crops gets mutated. these companies are capitalizing on our lives..poor Indians you see..! our entire food production will be in the hands of prehensile foreigners...! this is not being realized by our own people( shameless policy makers).atleast we the people please do not encourage GM crops on our planet. already these crops are in the market( such are our monitoring cells..! ) which was rejected by western countries and dumped in india.sweet corn is one such product. these are seen at all the corners of our busy bazzars. please do not eat it.. buy our own country corn .. lets hope these government does not permit it on our land..because we are humans.

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  1. just for the record ... open pollinated corn is more tender although less sweet.. so i guess health wise the Indian variety is better !

    good one!! hope the word spreads!